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Starting to Ride:  Most children can start learning to ride a bike not long after they can walk and run confidently. To achieve this I recommend using balance bikes to help children learn to balance, scoot, steer and brake. Once balancing and bike control is mastered and your child is confidently scooting up and down, then they may well be ready for the next step and ride with pedals. I am able to help children master balance bikes and, when they are ready, to get them able to pedal confidently and with control.

Developing Riding:   Starting with a review of individual rider strengths, sessions are  tailored to develop technique and skill. In most cases this is done though a series of games developed by British Cycling, which build skills to improve confidence and capability.  


Young people enjoy learning with others and this can be arranged for groups from 3 to 20 riders, although smaller groups usually achieve more. MTB coaching in technical terrain is limited to groups of up to 8 riders. All sessions include mandatory bike and helmet safety checks. 

On-Road Riding: I am a National Standards Instructor and have guided hundreds of students through the Bikeability Programme which teaches children how to ride safely on roads.  I work in schools throughout central Berkshire, covering both Primary and Secondary ages.  I have also provided bespoke training for youth organisations to support the achievement of merit badges. 

For parents who wish their child to ride to school I offer a, ‘assess and tutor’ package to supplement other training.  Here I would analyse the journey to be taken, design a route and then conduct a practice ride with the student explaining route hazards and the ways to deal with them.

Cycle Sports:   For riders wanting to participate in cycle sports locally I also coach at Sprockets Cycle Club.  This is a new club for young riders aiming to improve bike handling skills and confidence whilst joining cycling as a sport.

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