Lloyd Watkins 

RWS 7779 - Version 2

Instead of a mid-life crisis sports car, I returned to cycling for fitness, commuting and fun. I have always encouraged my family to ride and we have bikes of varying descriptions from Dutch style shoppers, through mountain bikes to sleek (and not very speedy) road bikes.   

Having spent many years leading training and projects in both the military and corporate worlds, I decided to leave the rat race and qualify to spend my time working where my interests and passion are the strongest.  Therefore rather then simply ride, I now train, develop, encourage and mentor fellow cyclists, all to spend my days working at what was once just my hobby.

I enjoy all forms of cycling and I am often seen by former students riding to work or on the trails of Swinley Forest.   I take part in Sportives and charity rides and can honestly say that I cycle for pleasure as well as business.

Since the 2012 Olympics, cycling has become ever more popular and I am really pleased that my cycling heroes, Laura Trott and Mark Cavendish are such good role models. I would love to see more young people riding bikes to school, for sport and for recreation and am delighted that my son aspires to be the next Mark Cavendish!


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