Adults - Individuals or Groups

Starting to Ride:  Whether an absolute beginner or a nervous rider I can help build the confidence and skills required to ride a bike for pleasure, exercise or recreation.   Riding with your family, exercising with your friends or preparing for a charity event, all you need is a working bike and a helmet, I can do the rest.

Developing Riding:   Starting with an assessment of individual needs, sessions are tailored to develop technique and skill.  In most cases this is done though a series of exercises taken from the British Cycling coaching syllabus which build skills to develop confidence and capability.     

My British Cycling qualifications give me the experience and knowledge to develop and improve good technique when riding on or off the road.  Riders will be able to approach new challenges with greater confidence knowing that they have the right skills to ride further, faster or on more interesting routes; all with increased safety.

Coaching works particularly well in groups and can be arranged for up to 20 riders, although smaller groups usually achieve more.  MTB coaching in technical terrain is limited to groups of up to 8 riders.  Video analysis can also be used to aid coaching. Sessions for riders under 18 years of age are in groups of 3 or more.  

I can also assist in developing confidence and helping adults who wish to ride more on roads or with traffic.  A bespoke package can be provided to match the particular needs of the rider.

If you are interested in any sessions please contact me at the address below: 

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